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The Full Story


Derek McMonagle is a faith-based entrepreneur and philanthropist. He serves as the President & Founder of The STR Manager, a luxury property management company based out of Arizona. His team currently manages 30+ vacation rentals between AZ, TX, and FL.


He is also the Founder of The DMac Method, a coaching and consulting platform, where he serves as a revolutionary discipline and accountability coach and works with high performing sales executives who are looking for a kick in the butt. He has dedicated himself to empowering Christian men and women across the globe who are looking to change their life through self-discipline.


Derek also serves as the Assistant Director of Outreach for the Young Catholic Professionals Chapter in Phoenix, and is also on the board for The Bloom Project, a non profit organization serving aspiring business professionals and entrepreneurs.


Derek is always looking for new ways to serve and impact those around him, while keeping his faith in Christ at the forefront.


Our Mission

Our mission at The DMac Method: Elite Discipline Coaching is to help Christian men & women across the globe Reignite Their Passion, Refuel Their Purpose, and Recognize Their True Potential through self-disciple and accountability.

Our pillars

As a faith-centered company, we keep and hold strong to 4 key pillars:

1. Honesty

2. Transparency

3. Punctuality

4. Ownership

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