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striving for sainthood

Where Faith, Business, Ministry, and Brotherhood Collide

The Christian Man
That is Looking for Brotherhood
The Christian Man
That is Tired of Being Tired and is Ready to Tap into His God-Given Potential
The Christian Man
 That is Ready to Be Immersed in a Program That Will Elicit Life-Changing Results
The Christian Man
That Isn't Afraid to Stand Up for What He Believes In
The Lone-Wolf That Doesn't Want to Grow His Pack
The Politically Correct Man
The Passive "Yes Man"
The Mediocre Man That Wants to Stay Mediocre

The Experience

"Faith and Business can't go together." That's what I was told my entire life. The fact is, they go together very well, and God put me here to evangelize through my business.

This experience isn't just a 3 day retreat to take a break from your career. It's a 3 day, life changing CALLING that will change the direction of your life permanently.


the commitment

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

-Vince Lombardi -
120 days (4 months)
(1) Virtual group meeting per week

(1) 1:1 coaching session bi-weekly

(1) Immersion weekend experience at the start of the coaching experience

- Daily & Weekly accountability check ins
our objective
to empower, coach, and lead christian men closer to christ through business and brotherhood 
We will help you reignite your passion.
We will help you refuel your purpose
We will help you recognize your true potential
what we will cover
- Your current relationship with christ
- Your why and purpose
- discipline and mental toughness
- Stewardship in life and in business
- Discipleship and advancing the kingdom
Are you ready to step into the brotherhood?
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