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Our Mission

reignite | refuel | Recognize

Over the past 2 years, at The DMac Method, we have helped 50+ clients, in more than 5 countries, from 15 different organizations create long-lasting discipline through our mission and our core values. We all have a passion, but sometimes it needs to be REIGNITED. Whether we are burnt out, lost without direction, or just feeling unfilled, we will help you regain that PASSION. 

Our PURPOSE is what drives us. We don't believe in careers here; we believe in CALLINGS. God has called us to GREATNESS and we will help you REFUEL that PURPOSE because it is what will lead you to the ultimate version of yourself.

Understand that you are made for so much more. Your TRUE POTENTIAL is the version of yourself that God intended you to be. He made each one of His son's and daughters in His image and likeness and He wants you to chase that each and every day. We will help you RECOGNIZE your TRUE POTENTIAL.

Image by Clark Tibbs

   About the dmac method


Here's how it all started..


It's Monday, June 4th, 2018. I start my first day as a Sales Consultant with the Phoenix Suns. I just moved across the country from Pittsburgh, PA to live out a dream to work in the NBA and knew absolutely nothing about selling in sports, but I quickly learned about selling, and more importantly, motivating and inspiring my teammates and those around me.

​​​Don't get me wrong, I loved selling for the Phoenix Suns (Until my managers left and I went into a dark mental place of hating my 9-5 job) but I loved impacting others in a positive way even more. I quickly became the loud, obnoxious, and motivational guy in the office. (Please see video here)


I realized that God had blessed me with the gift of pushing others to be their best and I remember a co-worker of mine sharing this statement with me one day at the office,


"You know what, someone would really pay for this one day."



Remember that line for later....


After a year with the Suns, I decided that my time in the NBA was over, I didn't see a future in that organization, I was experiencing corporate burnout, and it was time for my next, short chapter in life. 

Fast forward a month, and I am now an Account Executive back in Pittsburgh, PA with a local technology consulting firm. New job, new co-workers, and a new outlook on life;


Kinda, sorta..

No need to bore you with the details of the new job, but we jump forward about 5 months. It is now August 2019, and life presented a new opportunity for me. Move back to Phoenix and live out a childhood dream of living with my best friend from high school. Roger that. I drove back to Phoenix in 2 days and begin my next adventure...

Without sharing too much, (Which I will be sharing in my future NYT Best-Selling book lol) I move back to Phoenix, live on my buddy's couch for about 2 months, and started working for a start-up company based out of NYC; awesome right?!

It was awesome until about March of 2020 when our friend COVID-19 entered our world.


**Unemployment knocking at my door**

So, the company shuts down, and I do what anyone else would do; drive 30 hours across the country back to Pittsburgh (This would be my 3rd trip across the country at this point lol..) Also, I have now worked for 3 companies in a span of about 2 and 1/2 years...

Now, back in Pittsburgh, living at home, I was lost, unemployed, and basically a professional gamer at this point (And, no my goal was not to be a professional gamer) and I had no direction or any discipline left at this point.

I had spoken to multiple career coaches that helped steer me down what I once thought was my passion and purpose being a sports agent, but I quickly realized that for selfish reasons, that is the only reason that career path existed for me. (Long story)

My true passion: Impacting others through discipline and accountability. 

I loved waking up at 4 am

I loved taking cold showers and experimenting with cold plunges

I loved tracking my macronutrients and calories and pushing my body

I loved reading and listening to podcasts

I loved being the best version of myself

and I wanted to help others do the same, especially in Corporate America.

So, I looked at my bank account (Not much in there) and decided,


"If I don't invest in myself now, I never will."

I took every penny I had, invested in The DMac Method: Elite Discipline Coaching LLC, and decided from this point on, I am going to help young business professionals and entrepreneurs escape the burnout I faced in corporate America by building a disciplined routine and investing in your personal development.

From 2020 - 2022 we have helped over 50 business professionals and entrepreneurs from 5+ countries in over 15 different organizations build positive daily habits, increase their productivity, and help hold them accountable towards their goals. 

Remember back when my co-worker at the Phoenix Suns stated,


"You know what, someone would really pay for this one day."


They were right. I knew 2 things. I'd either start a faith-driven business that impacted individuals in a positive way and change my life forever, or I could be back looking for a 9-5 job in 3 months.

Always bet on yourself and bet on your personal development....


Derek McMonagle
President & Founder at The DMac Method: Elite Discipline Coaching 

D. McMonagle

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