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Client Success is our Mission

Check out some of our favorite client success stories below! 


Rohan Reddy, Sr. Director of Sales/Strategy
Las Vegas Desert Dogs

Derek and I first met as co-workers a couple years ago. and pretty quickly I realized he was wired different. He is by far the most disciplined person I know, and that's why I turned to him when I felt my personal (and professional) development started to stagnate. I knew he was going to be a great coach and hold me accountable to the goals and positive habits I wanted to form, but these last 4 months have proven so much more impactful than I could have ever imagined. Derek has turned into one of my closest friends' and that's because he is one of the most genuine, caring, and dedicated people I know. Derek takes the time to truly get to know you as a person, top understand your personal values, and what your short-term, long-term aspirations are. Derek will stand behind you and custom tailor a development plan to help you make strides in your life. He will hold you extremely accountable and push you to get better every single day, even if some tough love is required.


It's not a one size fits all type of system, and he takes the time to ensure the action plan is totally custom to your specific goals, and he will never ask you to do something he wouldn't or hasn't done himself. Even though this sounds cliché, I can truly say this experience has been life-changing. Not only has Derek completely changed the way I approach my day to day, he has changed the ay I approach life in general. If you're serious about improving your personal development, this is the man for the job. I could not be more grateful to have him in my corner, not only as a coach, but as my fiend.



Working with Derek has honestly been one of the best experiences of my life and I mean that wholeheartedly. I contacted Derek about his services because I was in a bit of a 'funk' when it came to my own mindset, discipline habits, business, and my life overall. Shortly after speaking to Derek and seeing the 'attack plan' he laid out, it was very clear to me that some big changes were about to take place in my life and I knew I was in the right hands. In just a month of working with Derek, I completely shifted my mindset around daily discipline habits and productivity, I made business decisions that I never would have made if it wasn't for his guidance, and I was able to construct a solid email list with his help and I was able to create an entire website and get it up and running while Derek helped every single step of the way. Derek was always available when I needed him whether that was through text or facetime.

Sometimes our scheduled 10-minute facetime calls turned into 90-minute facetime calls because I just kept asking questions that I didn't know the and he never complained about it and I could tell he was very happy and passionate to help me out. I truly cannot recommend Derek enough not only in business, mindset, productivity, and discipline, but an overall life change. He's extremely passionate about what he does and truly cares about his clients.


Eli Hargis, Training Director
Compel Fitness


Marcus Kakos, Personal Trainer
Powerhouse Gym

I am someone who was looking for an extra push, someone to help me stay accountable towards my goals and Derek was someone who definitely helped me with that.

There were times where I felt overwhelmed and Derek helped me align my thoughts so that I can focus on one thing at a time. Derek also is just a very genuine person, and there is no one I have ever met that cares so much about his clients.

He just wants the best for me, and I can tell he cares so much. I am so happy that I have the opportunity to work with him. It was honestly the best decision and investment I have ever made.



Derek was a great coach to work with! I had worked with one other accountability coach prior to reaching out to Derek, and the previous coach gave me the impression that he had possibly overbooked himself. On many days I felt like an afterthought.

Derek, on the other hand, was very prompt and hands-on as a coach. I needed an accountability coach to meet deadlines and impose structure onto a very unstructured post-graduate program that I was enrolled in. Derek was very effective at helping me accomplish that. The bi-weekly calls were perfect for discussing which strategies were working, and which strategies would benefit from further adjustment. We also worked out a daily check-in system that kept me focused and accountable each day.


Liam Patten, Programmer
Kickstart Coding


"Derek has challenged me by helping me to recognize what I am making a priority in my life. Working with Derek has been life changing because he has provided me the guidance and encouragement I needed at this time in my life to make a decision to create lasting change."

- Tauri Hall -


“As a creative content maker, I was spending too much time creating content and not enough on creating a business strategy... Derek helped me to identify my patterns, and create a personalized workflow - so that I could be more efficient with my time, and focused on my business goals.”

- Militza Maury -


"These past 4 months have been some of the most impactful parts of my life. Derek helped create a plan that not only molded me to be more efficient but allowed me to enjoy the process of becoming my very best self."

- Kijhan Thomas -


It took some effort and trial and error (which Derek helped out with every step of the way). But eventually, one of our chats led me to a productivity insight that made it so I gained two clients for my business in the SAME week. And I definitely have Derek to thank for that. So if you're wondering if Derek can help you achieve your productivity, discipline, or even financial goals... Derek is definitely the man to make it happen."

- Ericson Ay Mires - 


"Personally I was in kind of in a hole when I inquired about the DMac method. With a new job working for a start up, moving across the country, and working on a start up of my own, time management and disciple were not only encouraged but required to get through my day; which often times resulted in unplanned meetings and long unprovoked days out of nowhere. Derek not only helped me gain a new perspective into how I should approach the day, but kept me accountable which I needed. He helped me maintain not only my own schedule, but enhance my drive to get into the gym, as much as possible and really take advantage of any free moment. The future is unknown, but I am more equipped today to succeed and get through things mentally that I may not have been prepared to handle if Derek did not help me along the way."

- Zach Herman - 


"Derek has been a great partner in my journey. Thanks to his help I was able to build a strong foundation capable of helping me reach my goals. I had only helpful conversations with Derek, he assisted me to focus on the right goals, and he has been a north star when it came to confronting myself with strategies and goal implementations. I also appreciated Derek as a person in his values and personality. His friendliness and honesty showed me that he doesn't just see you through the lens of your goals, but furthermore as a whole human being. Moreover, I felt that I was not just one of his many clients. Instead, he consistently demonstrated total commitment and genuine interest in helping me reach my goals. He wants you to succeed and grow."

- Christian Kottathu -

"I want to give all the credit to Coach Derek! He has the magic to make people a better version of themselves and you absolutely have the power!"

Joy Holiday, Entrepreneur, Taipei City, Taiwan

"Derek is a great coach. It helps to know that I have to report to him every single day so he can keep me accountable to my goals that I set out from our first meeting."

Eddy Beyne, Program Manager, Former United States Marine, Michigan, US

"To be honest, I didn't think I would enjoy working with Derek because he seemed like a hard-ass from the day we first met, and I didn't know how I would handle that, but I'm so thankful I met him and he's honestly changed my life through his program."

Ashley Miller, Business Masters Student, Pennsylvania, US

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